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Spire Oslo at the urban farm, Losæter.

Spire Oslo at the urban farm, Losæter.

The 9th of September Spire’s local chapter in Oslo hosted a “Prat og Spis” event on food sharing, food waste reduction and sustainable food.

They want to raise awareness around these topics, promote vegan and vegetarian food as a more environmentally friendly diet, and form a community where everyone can learn and exchange ideas, views and experiences on subjects concerning the environment and sustainability. The majority of the food that is used for Prat og Spis is collected from local supermarkets, and is food that otherwise would have been thrown away, despite still being edible. Before the event, we welcome interested participants to help us collect and prepare the food. This time, for the first time, a share of our food came from the urban garden Losæter.

During the meeting before Prat Og Spis, the Spire members were invited to Losæter. Didrik, the leader of Spire Oslo explained what kind of crops Spire has been growing there this season, and what they can be used for. Some of them were harvested for the event.

At the Saturday of the event itself, members were invited to start preparing the food previously collected from Losæter and supermarkets, and to get a first hand lesson on how to cook easy (and cheap) vegan/vegetarian meals. It is always a big surprise what food we are going to work with, so everything is improvised on the day itself.

The Leader of Spire, Anna Karlsson

The Leader of Spire, Anna Karlsson

Once most of the food was ready, the presentation part of the event could begin. First, Anna, the leader of Spire, gave a brief presentation about Spire as organisation. She spoke about the main objective of Spire for a more just and sustainable world, and introduced the Climate, Urban, Food and Trade committees. In addition, she spoke about how the organisation uses media and other means of information, as well as attendance of political meetings and international negotiation conferences, and finally smaller scale events, like Prat Og Spis, to involve and inform citizens.

Agro-ecologist Paula Capodistras

Agro-ecologist Paula Capodistras.

Paula Capodistras then took over the presentation, and introduced herself as an agro-ecologist working especially on food waste. She defined her profession as putting the production of food into context with everything it involves such as transport, storage, and the consumption itself. She was involved in a project named ForMat to find a strategy to fight food waste with the participation of big food brands and stores.

Moreover, this fall, the Norwegian Parliament will discuss writing a law following France’s example to oblige supermarkets to donate the food they do not sell in time.

Paula also emphasized some useful tips for reducing everyday food waste, such as:

  • In order to “eat what you buy, stop buying what you won’t eat” she told us to plan  meals ahead, and make weekly shopping lists.

    Delicious food made at Prat og Spis

  • Buy food that is less perfect, but is still very good to eat. For example fruit and vegetables with quirky shapes (like the snål frukt & grønt at Bunnpris), or food that is nearing their ‘best before’ date. There are some shops dedicated to selling foods that are close to their ‘best before’ date, such as ‘Best fø’ and ‘Holdbart’. Apps like ‘Foodlist’ or ‘Too good to go’ also tell you where you can go to buy food that is almost being thrown away for a low price.
  • Tips for food storage can be found on this website:
  • Thanks to meal planner websites and apps you can always know what to do with the loose food items you have lying around. You simply tell them what food you want to use, and they give you back a list of recipes. See, and

By Mathilda Clennell and Lonneke Scheffer


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