An open invitation to join the revolution aka The 2017 campaign task force!

Do you want to change the world? Well, Spires International Committee sure does.

And in 2017, we are going to give it a go! Last weekend, Spires Grand Meeting elected campaign topics for the next two years. The International Committee are happy to announce that our suggestion got elected for the 2017 campaign. This is an open invitation to join us in these early stages as we prepare for 2017 and world dominaton!

The working title is “The Future is female, the future is green”, and writing our campaign proposal, we were inspired by two pieces of “political garments” (1: this legendary (and controversial) shirt distributed by a book store in NYC in the 70s, and 2: this sweatshirt). We are open for other titles, but the point is that we want a visible, fun and effective campaign and we want to get creative in the ways we express our message! Because the message is so important, for us and especially for our partners in the global South. They are living and acting within a political and cultural framework that at times limits female actors. Take it from Cathy, an activist from YWCDI! Malawi, and a dear friend and ally to Spire, ODW and DF.

Political garments with great messages!

Political garments with great messages!

“The most important things we are working on right now are (a) issues related to with climate change and natural disasters, (b) issues related to  gender based violence cases and (c) youth involvement in the fight against gender-based violence. It`s not only me but also my fellow youth from Ethiopia and Malawi that are working towards bringing change. We will work hand in hand and together, it`s going to be great!”

The connection between gender roles, gender discourse, gender norms and the impact of climate change in the global South are very, very real. If you want some more insight in just how real, you can check out these “articles” and be informed and inspired by Cathy and the YWCDI!-clubs in Malawi.


With the 2017 campaign, our goals are to create awareness about the interconnections between gender equality and sustainable agriculture, and celebrate strides that the Young Women Can Do It!-clubs in Malawi and Ethiopia has accomplished. We want to put gender and climate change at the heart of Spires efforts – in ways that NfYD and YWCDI! are already doing.

By integrating women ́s empowerment within climate change action, YWCDI! are able to fulfill the ambitions stated by the UN, NORAD and others; namely addressing the interconnections between gender discrimination and agriculture, poverty and climate change. The campaign will run alongside a planned exchange program between Spire, YWCDI! and the Peace Corps. We are so friggin excited and we want YOU to join us!

Right now, we are at the very early stages of planning, and our first goal is to establish something of a 2017 campaign task force. In the coming weeks and months, the task force will continue discussing activities, perspectives, apply for funds and just further develop the idea towards 2017. If you are interested in these topics and in creative/organizational processes, we want you in the task force!!

And to get your ideas rolling, here are some of our preliminary campaign ideas:

  • north-south exchange program in collaboration with the Peace Corps and YWCDI! (i.e. three persons from each organisation spends three months in eachothers organisations, working with local issues related to climate change and gender

  • local events arranged by the local chapters, with lectures on the topic and DIY-sweatshirt-printing-sessions with our design/slogan

  • collaborate with Frekvens/P3-dokumentaren on a podcast from the exchange program

  • a lot of visual representation that can be used at events, or create a separate photo exhibition

  • produce a movie or several short clips that depicts the life of activists in the global South

  • collaborate with the Food Committee towards the annual MatBeat-event

This is an opportunity to be a part of a meaningful and creative political project that has the potential of reaching a lot of people and policy makers! And it can be your way of making real change. We are ready to get started! And feel very happy knowing that there are a lot of people from different committees and local chapters within Spire that want to support and collaborate towards making the greatest campaign of all campaigns ever in the history of time!

Our first step towards getting started is the International Committees bi-weekly meeting Tuesday April 19th at Spires office (Mariboes gt. 8/Miljøhuset), 17.30. This is an open invitation to everyone and anyone interested in joining our task force and to be a part the change that is `bout to come!

Hope to see you there, Hanne Krystad, Spire’s International Committee

Read more about us here.

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