All Ways Lead to Rome

Rome once was the center of the world, the epiphany of power. Now, as Nora and I sit at the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) for the 42. Committee on World Food Security (CFS), we realize that the civil society movement is the most powerful tool, that we have! We are multi actors in this process of decision making and trying to underline the importance of the human rights framework!

Last Friday Nora and I embarked on an interesting journey to Rome to partake in the CSM and the CFS at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Through Saturday and Sunday we sat and listened and took notes and documented the experience via tweets and instagram step by step. That’s not the most difficult part (although it has been very challenging) the difficult part is yet to start – the negotiations with the CFS and several governmental actors!

Overall, you could say, there is a lot of tension. We are anticipating a lot of push back from several actors, mainly because the civil society by themselves already had the challenging task of finding the most important interventions that they want to bring forward through the Decision Boxes (DB). The difficult part is not only including all points that we think are important but also the phrasing! We want to be as concrete as possible! This, after all, is supposed to be a combined effort to ensure that the most vulnerable have access to clean drinking water, that we have a transparent monitoring tool to follow up with governmental actors and many more issues, just to name a few.

All civil society members in the Red Room at the FAO building.

All civil society members in the Red Room at the FAO building.

As you can see, this is not easy. I have felt overwhelmed and challenged many times and of course – confused. Because there were many processes that to me were completely new. But one thing that, without a doubt, will be a long lasting memory from these first couple of days is the overwhelming passion from the civil society. You can feel it in the room, the outpouring of love and compassion and anger and that’s what we need more of!

CFS Chair Gerda has the floor, encouraging the CSM to never give up

CFS Chair Gerda Veburg has the floor, encouraging the CSM to never give up

Needless to say that Nora and I are really anxious to see how the negotiations will go and if we can claim any kind of victory. If you want to find out more, show your support or are interesting how it’s going, just follow us on twitter and instagram at @spireorg

Although both, Nora and I spent most of our time inside the FAO building, we had to take an obligatory selfie in front of the Colosseum!

Nora and Jessica in front of the Colosseum

Nora and Jessica in front of the Colosseum

Text by Jessica Giannoumis (media ansvarlig i Spire), pictures by Nora Hougen (politisk nestleder i Spire) and Jessica Giannoumis 

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