Malawi, here we come!

Summer is coming! Summer is finally here! And for many of Spires activists and supporters, the summer months entails a well deserved break from voluntaire efforts. But for the International Committee, the summer of 2015 brings exciting new tasks and opportunities. We are currently well on our way to plan and organize a workshop on youth advocacy, women´s rights and climate activism that will take place in the Malawian capital Lilongwe July 20th – July 24th. We have spent the last couple of months preparing, budgeting and discussing the content of the workshop. As of this week, we have really been stepping up our game, and getting into the logistics and details of the workshop. It is a new experience, but definately a rewarding one!

The workshop is a shared project between Spire and some of our international partner organisations, mainly Network for Youth Advocacy from Malawi and MELCA, an Ethiopian environmentalist organization. These organisations will be represented by both staff members and voluntare youths. Some of these participants are experienced environmentalist and social activist, and we are looking forward to listen to their presentations and discussions on experiences of local climate change at local levels and the various communities´ response towards new policies on adaptation, sustainable efforts and so forth. Some of the participants are younger, and quite new to the game. It will be very interesting to see how the dynamics between youths and experienced actors from three different national context will unfold during the workshop activities.

Experienced actors from the different organisations will give presentations on best practices in relation to topics like youth promotion, creating space for female social and political performance, climate activism – and, importantly, the intersections of these social movements. In addition to this professional input and discussions, we wish to make room for creative expressions as a way of experiencing and communication social and environmental activism. By the means of theatre, music, text production and visual representation, we hope that the participants can find a way of interacting with the workshop content, making it a part of themselves while simultaneously influencing the outcome of the workshop. We are incredibly exicted to meet the 21 participants from Malawi and Ethiopia in July, and even more excited to see where our mutual exchange of experience, knowledge and visions will take us in the future.

As Spires representatives during the workshop, we will take a lot of photos and video clips. Some of it will be featured on this blog, some of it on Spire webpages, the Facebook page and on Instagram. We hope you will follow us!

See you in Malawi! Stina & Hanna

Kontoret til NfYD i Blantyre. Fra venstre, Caroline (Spire), Dennis (fra Zamibia), Victor (fra NfYD, Malawi), Pilira (fra NfYD, Malawi), Anna (fra Zambia) og Amakhosi (fra NfYD)

Kontoret til NfYD i Blantyre. Fra venstre, Caroline (Spire), Dennis (fra Zamibia), Victor (fra NfYD, Malawi), Pilira (fra NfYD, Malawi), Anna (fra Zambia) og Amakhosi (fra NfYD)

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