“Here Mr. President, catch this”

Screen-Shot-2015-02-26-at-1.19.40-PM_1_“Here Mr. President, catch this”

Senator Inhofe’s friendly invitation to catch a snowball on the senate floor still echoes in my mind. Apparently we finally reached the end of the line, where a snowball disproves climate change. If only the senate was a magic show, I would be utterly entertained, but knowing that Mr. Inhofe is not the only one who believes climate change is a hoax scares the – excuse my language – woolen pants of me.

Since when has science become a choice of belief? I thought we left all of that behind us after Copernicus and Galileo proposed heliocentrism. You know, the theory about how the earth is not the center of the universe. Now, some odd 500 years later, we have the technology that actually can proof their theories right and we have technology and theses that proof that climate change is real. They are as real as the snowball that you hold in your hands, Mr. Inhofe. And yet, you chose to believe that climate change is not real. Instead of making an educated evaluation with all the data at your hands, you choose to believe that a snowball disproves climate change, it baffles me. But since we are on the subject of belief, I believe, as chairman of the Environment and Public Works, Mr. Inhofe might have even more information than he tells us.

If I understand Mr. Inhofe correctly, he is suggesting, that whatever any environmentally friendly and conscious human being is doing to stop climate change (or at least delay it), it is sheer bogus since climate change is not real. So, I have to ask, Mr. Inhofe, can we stop recycling, start using plastic for everything again (maybe even Styrofoam?), start driving Hummers, fly from East to West-coast every weekend, maybe use CFC again?

Is the information that you hold in your hands, that bad, Mr. Inhofe? Have we reached the point of no return, and should we for our own sake just continue the way we have, so at least we have something nice to hold on to, when the poles are melting and sweeping away vast landmasses? Because, no matter what we do now, there is nothing we can do anymore? Are we doomed? Mr. Inhofe, what are you telling us? Or rather not telling us?

But if we are doomed, Mr. Inhofe, have you sat down with your lovely grandchildren and explained to them, what you are not telling us? I’m just curious, did you actually have a conversation with these sweet innocent cutiepies of yours and explain to them, why we did what we did? I believe (see how I used it there), you owe it to them. Try to summon up the courage to tell them, that they are on their own, when it comes to their survival and quality of life.

Can’t do it? Well, that’s where scientists come in. Those bastards. How they sneak in pictures of drowning polar bears and extinct species in the news all over the world (even in your own backyard), and you know how much your grandchildren love all kinds of animals. Have we reached the point, where scientists have to appeal to our children for a change of heart, so we can finally understand the consequences of our own wrong-doing?

We know where Mr. Inhofe is standing on this topic, but wherever you are standing on this topic, dear reader, one thing has become abundantly clear: a happy ending without us course correcting is not in our near future. So, I urge you, if there is anything you cherish in the world, anything at all, act now.

Oh, and Mr. Inhofe, enjoy your snowball while it lasts.

Written by Jessica Giannoumis, Climate Committee of Spire

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