Visiting Sotra for the new campaign

Sunday the 26th of October, two members of SPIRE Bergen (Charlotte Kirkevold and Katharina Budde) went out to Sotra to do a farmer interview. We were joined by Siri Haugan Holden from SPIRE Oslo. We wanted to get one farmer’s perspective on the use of soy from Brazil in animal feed on his farm. The farm we visited was Leitet Gård, where we met the owner Kristofer Lie. He was nice enough to show us around his farm and taking his time to let us interview him.

Spire på gårdsbesøk på Sotra for kampanjen

On our way to Sotra!

Kristofer Lie is having a smallholding with 100 wild sheep and 15-20 “spælsauer”. Both the wild sheep and “spælsau” feed mostly on grass, while the wild sheep are outside all year around and don’t need additional feed the “spælsau” stays inside part of the winter and get some “kraftfôr”. So all in all he doesn’t use much feed and was therefore not that engaged in the issue of soy dependency.

Spire på gårdsbesøk på Sotra for kampanjen

The Sheep

Spire på gårdsbesøk på Sotra for kampanjen

The feed

He owns his own slaughterhouse and is selling the meat at the local farmers market. The meat is in high demand because more and more people want local and short traveled products, but he still can’t make a living on the farming on its own so he has many additional projects. He has a special program for teenagers called “inn på tunet” where school kids spend half of their day on the farm, a newly established bar and a day care. In addition to the sheep, he has four horses, one pig, some chicken and rabbits, which the kids enjoy playing with.

Spire på gårdsbesøk på Sotra for kampanjen

One of the horses

The interview is part of SPIRE’s campaign about the dependency on soy from Brazil in Norwegian farming and will be published in a big report in February. Even though we didn’t get so much information on feeding and the use of soy, Kristoffer lie’s perspective was an interesting addition to the issue.

Spire på gårdsbesøk på Sotra for kampanjen

Fresh eggs

Written by:  Charlotte Kirkevold, Spire Bergen

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