Spire at Elvelangs

Elvelangs –  a cosy parade along the river in Oslo. That was the basic piece of information I (as a foreigner unfamiliar with local traditions) got before the event. I’m not sure if Norwegian definition of “cosy” consists of standing in an area that looks like a construction site. Probably not. (On the other hand, complaining about everything is an essential part of Czech culture).


Nevertheless, we tried to embellish the site with a monumental drawing of a tree. In addition, the night was merciful to us and the un-aesthetic parts of the area disappeared in the darkness. Probably with some features of Spire’s stand, but the campaign video for Fremtidsombudet lit up our little spot and dozens of visitors successfully found Spire’s amazing exhibition (impressive if you consider that we didn’t hand out any food – that wouldn’t probably happen in the Central/Eastern Europe).


People were both asking about the campaign and about Spire and our work in general, and we got to have lots of interesting conversations. And also, our tree got filled with small notes describing peoples personal wishes  about the future.

Thank you, Elvelangs!

Michael Škvrňák, Oslo local chapter




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