The new board in Spire Ås

With the start of the new semester, a lot of snow and gradually longer days, the new board in Spire Ås has been elected. The annual meeting was a success. Many active members of our local chapter showed up and there was a high willingness to participate in the new board. Siri, the former president of Spire Ås, held the meeting and after approval of the annual report of 2013 and the new plan for 2014, the voting process took place. Among the about fifteen members, nine were nominated for four positions in the board: president, vice president, economic responsible and board member. The voting process was democratic, the nominees presented themselves and each of them could give one vote (secret) for each position. We had a lot of fun and it was quite exciting!

From the left: Juliana, Stephanie, Hilde Maria, Aurora

From the left: Juliana, Stephanie, Hilde Maria, Aurora

The new board in Spire Ås is as follows:

President: Aurora Mæhle Førland

Vice president: Stephanie Dagenhardt

Economic responsible: Juliana Sporsheim Maisto

Board member: Hilde Maria Fredsted

The new elected are very enthusiastic and are looking forward to the semester to come. Workgroups, seminars, debates, social events and much more will be organized from us in Spire Ås. We are going to focus on environmental awareness, agriculture, water and gender issues related to the environment. We welcome any student who wants to participate in our activities. It is gonna be a great spring.

Timeline for springs activities

Timeline for springs activities

Finally, a special thank to Siri Eikerol who has done a great and impressive job!


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